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COVID-19 Updates 2021-2022

COVID-19 Updates 2021-2022
Parents & Students

Health and Wellness

  • Masks are optional in Pasco County Schools. However, the CDC continues to
    recommend the use of masks. Since CDC guidance is subject to change, we
    recommend visiting the CDC website for the latest guidance.
  • All district employees, students, visitors, and volunteers will review a health
    self-screener prior to reporting to work or school each day. The screeners will be
    posted at the top of our website.
  • We will not be doing temperature checks upon arrival at this time.
  • Staff and students will be encouraged to practice social distancing when and where possible.

Facilities Maintenance

  • Enhanced cleaning will continue.
  • Touch points around the campus will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • Tables, sinks, drinking fountains, and light switches will be disinfected daily.
  • AC filters will continue to be replaced with greater frequency.
  • The use of one-way traffic flows inside buildings is encouraged where feasible to improve social distancing of students and staff.
  • Cleaning resources (hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, soap, germicide) will be
    regularly replenished.

Positive Cases

Students or staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be able to return to school
or work when the following criteria have been met:

  •  At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, AND
  •  At least 24 hours have passed since the last fever has passed with the use of
    fever-reducing medications, AND
  • Symptoms have subsided.

Students and staff may return in fewer than 10 days with the following:

  • Students and staff may return in fewer than 10 days with the following:
  • Verified medical documentation of alternate diagnosis as the cause of symptoms,
  • Documentation of a negative PCR COVID-19 test.


  • The Department of Health will determine which individuals need to quarantine
    due to close contact with a positive case. Close contact is defined as within six
    feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more.
  • The Department of Health will review each case and make a recommendation.
    Students and staff who have been fully vaccinated may not be required to
    quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms.
  • Individuals who need to quarantine will be notified via a letter from the
    Department of Health, which will be sent to the individuals by the school.
  • Students who must quarantine or isolate will be marked as an excused absence during the quarantine period.


  • Students have two options for instruction, including in-person, on-campus
    instruction as an enrolled CMCS student and the Pasco eSchool/FLVS virtual
    option. For the Pasco eSchool/FLVS option, students would have to withdraw
    from CMCS. The state has not approved our continued use of the innovative
    option that was offered last year – CMCS Online.
  • Each quarantine situation will be unique and CMCS will work with families to
    develop a plan to ensure instructional continuity.
  • Concurrent teaching and Zoom classes are not the expectation when students are out on quarantine.

Visitors and Volunteers

  • Meetings involving visitors will be conducted virtually when possible.
  • At this time, CMCS will not have visitors on campus for at least the first quarter.
    We will continue to use the walk-up window for visitors.
  • All visitors and volunteers will review a health self-screener prior to visiting the
    school campus. The screeners will be posted on our website.

Field Trips & Enrichment

  • CMCS will not have field trips or enrichment for at least the first quarter.


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Pasco County Schools

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In Pasco County Schools, student success includes academic content, behavior success skills, and social emotional skills. Each of these are necessary in order for students to learn at high levels. Success for our system is directly connected to the ability of our school teams to deliberately plan and set goals for academic content, academic behaviors, and social emotional norms and skills. We use Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to ensure students achieve success in grade-level expectations.

All students are provided strong core instruction (Tier I) in grade-level standards and their learning is monitored and assessed throughout the year using a variety of measures such as NWEA-MAP, mid and end of module assessments, DIBELS, FSA, etc. When student assessments and/or work product demonstrate a need for additional support, students are provided “just in-time” supports (Tier II) to reteach and reinforce their learning. Many students access Tier II interventions at some point throughout the school year as student learning can develop at different rates. When on-going assessment data demonstrates that students are experiencing significant difficulties, meaning they are more than a year behind in literacy and/or math, they receive intensive interventions (Tier III) and supports in the areas of need. When students who fall into this category, the teacher notifies the family and all parties work collaboratively to create a progress monitoring plan (PMP). This plan includes specific interventions and supports that will be put in place in order to intervene, remediate and catch students up to grade level expectations.

Previously in Pasco, students receiving Tier II and Tier III supports received a PMP and some type of intervention was put in place to support students. The reality is that many students will need Tier II support at some point throughout the year. Very few students master new content the first time, every time and a certain amount of reteaching and reinforcing will always be necessary. The reteaching and reinforcement
for Tier I and Tier II occur in the classroom through differentiated instruction and can also occur through other second-chance learning opportunities such as test corrections or retakes. The on-going nature of these interventions and the rate at which students move in and out of needing Tier II supports is not conducive to establishing a formalized individual student plan.

If your student is eligible for a Progress Monitoring Plan, their teacher will send home specific information along with an invitation to join them in the co-development of a plan to support your student and improve their areas of struggle. You will then receive monthly communication from your child’s school with information on their progress and next steps for learning growth.

If your student is not eligible for a PMP it does not mean that they will not receive additional supports that they may need throughout the year, it just means that at this point in the year, their assessment data does not indicate a significant deficiency in grade level expectations. Students are continually monitored and
assessed with interventions being put in place for students when need is demonstrated. Additionally, progress is routinely monitored and communicated to families via Progress Reports, Quarterly, Semester and Year-Long grades.

If your student previously had a PMP in place and are not identified as needing the intensive layer of supports, they will not continue with their PMP, however, Tier II interventions will be provided as needed, their progress will continue to be monitored and a plan can be initiated any time that achievement data and/or grades demonstrate a significant need.

Pasco County Schools