I have proudly been part of Countryside Montessori Charter School since 2005. I started as the Speech-Language Pathologist, and over time, acquired different responsibilities, eventually leading to Director of Operations. In my role, my ultimate goal is to support students, staff, and families. To accomplish this, I strongly believe in building relationships and strong connections with those I serve.

While I began my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist working in private practice, I have always had a calling toward education. Once at CMCS, in addition to certification in Speech-Language Pathology, I obtained my Exceptional Student Education certification and began overseeing Student Services, including Section 504, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and interventions. This gave me a unique perspective of being able to see the whole child and how each component of their education fits together.

I’ve had the privilege of watching this school grow from 150 students, one building, and a handful of teachers, to what it is today. While we continue to change and adapt, we also hold on to our traditions and culture, the things that make CMCS stand apart from other schools. In my current role as Director of Operations, I am responsible for overseeing Compliance (School, District, & State), Operations, Facilities, & Communication (Media & Events). I am also tasked with helping the school secure the facilities required to take us into the future and provide learning spaces for our Montessori needs.

I am the proud mom of two sons who both attended CMCS from 1st through 8th grades. Firsthand, I saw the strong foundation they were given and how that has set them up for success in high school and beyond. I am happy to give back to this school community as they given so much to me and my family.

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Consider a medical evaluation for:

  • Fever that last 3 or more days
  • Drainage from the ear
  • Cough that continues for several days
  • Repeated episodes of diarrhea or vomiting
  • Rash
  • Itchy eyes with clear or cloudy drainage
  • Sore throat, with or without fever
  • “Cold” symptoms that last more than one week​

*A child who has fever with a temperature greater than 100 degrees (orally), has been vomiting, or has diarrhea should stay home for 24 hours AFTER the symptoms are gone.

*Children of all ages need 8-10 hours of sleep at night and good nutrition including adequate fluids (milk, juice, water).