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Independent Fiscal Audit 2014

CMCS Board of Directors Public Comment Form

The CMCS Board of Directors encourages members of the public to offer comments and express opinions on both specific actions to be taken by the Board, as well as any other issues directly related to the operation of the school. In accordance with this policy, any individual may address the Board during the public comment period. Individuals are strongly encouraged to discuss their comments and concerns with appropriate school staff members and/or administrators before directing such comments to the entire Board during a meeting. To be recognized by the Board President, an individual must provide their name and a short description of what they wish to comment on to the Board President, along with any materials they want to have distributed to Board members, at least (3) days prior to the scheduled start of the meeting.

Countryside Montessori Charter School (CMCS) recognizes the value of public comments and the importance of allowing individuals to express themselves on matters related to CMCS. In order to permit fair and orderly expression of such comments, please complete the information listed below. Once completed, the request form should be submitted to the CMCS Board President by way of email: [email protected]